Biscuits blog!  Welcome to my blog.


Hi my name is Biscuits! I like having a blog because it keeps me entertained and keeps my writing and ICT skills up over the holidays. I think it's a great idea to have a blog, but you have to be careful, you never know who might be reading/watching it! It might be a wise idea to stay anonymous so that you don't get random people on the street going ,

"Oh hi, I read your blog!". That is why for this blog I'm using my nickname, Biscuits, instead of my real name. I don't know how often I shall update this blog but don't expect something all the time because an update could come from everyday to every millenium!!! lol 


Hey! So I first started this blog when I was in year 6, the last time I wrote was in year 9, and now I'm a first year (yr 12), so I've came a loooonnnggg way and a lot has changed!

I've done my GCSE's, which I passed so that's good (even though my grade's weren't that high, I still passed!!)

I'm in college now, so I've made a lot of new friends, lost a few friends...


I'm really enjoying college!


In year 10 I managed to get myself a girlfriend, kept her all through the year... She dumped me in the first few weeks of college but we're friends again now.


Now I'm just kinda holding back from people for a bit, I feel like I need to get my head figured out first...


I've joined the college newspaper team and I'm doing book reviews. 


Is there anything else you wanna know??? :'-D

Hi hi bloggers, so I'm in year 9 now and time is going along fast. I suddenly remembered this blog I've been keeping (I think I started making it in year 6), so I decided to give it an update. We've just chosen our options which means that we get to do the subjects of our choice now. I'm really enjoying school at the moment, which is good, but I recently lost my science book so my teacher is going to be MAD! Luckily, I don't have him again untill Tuesday, and today is Wednesday. I'm looking forward to halloween, we are travelling this year so that will be fun!

PS: Sorry if my spelling isnt great; I'm not exactly the worlds best speller, but I try my best.


Dear readers, I have recently added two new pages known as the results and the answers page. Please check out those pages and let me know what you think on the comment page! Also if you have any problems with my blog please feel free to let me know ( please use the appropriate language, as swearing and offensive language is NOT tolerated)!




Hi, this half-term has been great! Me and my mum organised a Christmas surprise for my brother.The surprise was a trip out to Altern Towers. We called this code van so that he would not find out. We told him that we were going to Cleethorpes so that he would get up early and get in the car.


 We went on lots of rides such as:

The Smiler.

Sonic Spinball.


The mini mine train.

The water rapids.

The flume.

The twirling toadstool.

The blade.





And ripsaw.

We had a great day!


Happy new year! I am sooooo sorry I have not updated my blog for what seemes like FOREVER! I know its been the winter holidays, and then Christmas, and then new year, and before I knew it, it was Valentines day and I still had not updated my blog!!! I have not updated my blog since October 2013 and now its February 2014!!! Oh well, I guess you were warned!


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