Hello bloggers! I decided to create a gossip page because a lot of the stuff I tell you on my main blog has nothing to do with me at all!!! So as my first installment of gossip I would like to tell you that I have started a diary craze! Its easy to do and all you need is a pen/pencil and some paper!!! Its THAT easy!!! Why not try for yourself? Just write down your thoughts and feelings during the day and you'll be keeping a diary before I can say one, two, three! Diary not your style, huh?! Well, why not try keeping a blog like me? It does not have to give away anything about yourself, but you can if you want to. There are some really good free websites that you can use to create your own blog, just like the website I use, webnode. But befoure you go ahead and write a diary or blog always remember that some people will always want to rave through all your stuff so make sure you have a firm grasp on things, for example, you could put a lock on your diary or hide it somewhere nobody will find it and if you decide to make a blog then you could possibly put a lock on it so that it is only open to people that you can trust or just make sure its annoynimus! Whatever you do, make sure you have fun and keep safe!!!

 Note: If you don't want to keep a diary but still want to get involved then keeping a journal is a great way you can still join in, and if anyone askes you can honestly say that you don't have a diary!!!




Sleepovers are in so how do we create the perfect sleepovers for our friends? Well, just remember the simple sleepover code:

1. NEVER SLEEP AT A SLEEPOVER - some people may want to play a prank on you so its better if you stay awake to catch them out.

2. Pranks - ok so pranks are fun, but only if they turn out right, the last thing you want is an upset guest so try to think about how funny it is to them before you go ahead and do it.

3. Films - films are great at a sleepover and always go down a storm but to make it even more special remember to bring out tasty snacks such as popcorn and try to partner your film with your surrondings for example if the film you are watching is scary, this might be a good time to shout boo or angle a fake spider over your friend's sholder.

4. Pillow fight - pillow fights are great fun but just make sure that you're not wacking people too hard otherwise you could hurt them or damage the pillow.

5. Spookey stories - spookey stories are fun so long as your guest enjoys them just as much as you do! The best way to tell a spookey story is in the dark with a torch lighting up your face, justmake sure it doesnt last too long or your guest might get bored and always remember to give your friend/s a turn.

6. Midnight feast - so long as your parents are ok with it then a midmight feast can be great fun, rade the fridge for sweets, chocolate, biscuits, crisps, ice cream, fruit ect, AND THEN STUFF YOUR FACE!!! But try not to get sick.

7. Disco - a late night disco in the dark can be awsome, just make sure you don't desturve anyone else and it will be a blast, with low volume music closed curtains and torch light, its the perfect setting for a perfect late night disco!

8. Games - games are great at a sleepover no matter if its a video game, board game or outdoors game, they always seem to be a great part of the sleepover.

9. Dares - a great game of dares ofen brings a sleepover to life and is great fun for all who DARES play, but whatever you do just make sure your dares arnt dangerous or harmful in any way. if someone dares you to do something you don't want to do then you don't have to do it, the last thing anyone wants is an upset guest/host.

10. Memories - so you want this sleepover to be memorable for the right reasons, so why not sent them away with a gift to remember it by? It doesnt have to be anything big, just a photograph will do.