The results from the poll: Do you like biscuits? } Yes won with nine and no came second with one and I've never tried biscuits came last with no points!


The reasults from the poll:  What is your faverate biscuit flavour?} I like all of these won with five votes, chocolate chip and jammy dodgers tied in second with two votes each, other came third with one and all the rest lost with no points at all! Did anyone spot the spelling mistake: jammy dogers?

The results from the poll: Do you like my blog?}Yes won with 9 votes, it could be better came second with one vote and no came last with no votes! THANKS!!!


The results from the poll: Do you like Club Penguin?} Yes won with 8 votes, No came second with 2 votes, Never been on it came third with 1 vote and Never Heaqrd of it lost with no votes!

The results from the poll: What do you like to do in the summer holidays?} I like all of these and Go camping came joint first with 2 votes each, Go swimming, Play computer games, Go to the beach, Watch TV, Go hiking, and Other all came second with 1 point each, and all the others got no votes and therefore lost.

The result's from the poll: What's the best thing about going back to school? } Seeing friends won with four votes, none of the other options got any votes :( :'-D