The page of mistakes

Hey! So I've been doing this blog since I was in year 6 (I think) and now I'm a college first year and I've came back to this blog to see how it looks after all these years. I immediatly noticed the whole load of spelling mistakes and woaaaahhhh I have came a long way! ... So of course, I wanted to correct some of those nasty spelling mistakes because they make me cringe, but in a way I find it kind of endearing to see the way I used to spell things so I thought it would be nice to list them here as a little tribute to my cringey past self :'-D


- Annonomous

- Rambdom

- Knickname

- Somthing

- Millieum

- Recantly

- Forwad

- Reciantly

- Affensive

- Tollarated

- Woud

- Earlie